crescent moon waxing

New Moon in Virgo, August 25, 2014

Virgo To-Do Lists
by Iya Shangobemi © 2014

Isis with her wings spread
Demeter & Persephone

1. Read Background Notes from Sources

Iya Olosuga Bisi Ade
“Continue (with the work of the past several moons: re-assessing how you are going about things…
“Giving up bad practices and patterns. Work creatively for real change; do the internal releasing of what no longer has use or purpose…
“Ceremony will assist with discernment skillfulness…”

Aliza Einhorn
“…New Moon is a new chance, and a New Moon in Virgo can be a new chance with your health or at work.
“…A New Moon in Virgo wants to clean up the chaos. Pisces, Virgo’s opposite sign, rules chaos. Confusion. Virgo is the Harvest. With Virgo we separate — we separate what nourishes from what nauseates…
“…Nothing is certain yet. Nothing is told. But you begin…
“…Virgo (of the Hermit card), always with the ledger and the lamp, always calculating: what must go, what must stay, and how to create order among the chaotic harvest of our lives. Look at what you’ve grown. Don’t look away. Please don’t look away.” [my bold]
“…this will be a great time to actually get something (major) done…
“I am not talking about washing the dishes. I am talking about preserving and solving a puzzle or some kind of intractable problem in your life.”

Sherene Schostak
“Harness the efficient powers of this Virgo new moon to solve time management and scheduling issues…
“Remain creative and flexible about crafting your new game plan, resolve to stick to your guns going forward…
“Use the power of Mars in Scorpio to remain determined and loyal to your visions and goals, and practice…
“…and Mercury who rules Virgo still in Cancer is reminding you to choose those rituals that are most nurturing.”

2. ReView
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it’s time for the story of now…
3. New Moon — August 25, 2014

4. Achievement, Completion & Victory
Rely on Spirit – Connect and Consult with Sacred Sources

Victories are made of determination, effort and completion. Success shared reveals and celebrates our true spirits, character and destiny, and our connection and place in community.

In the Ifa Odu, success rides a horse. Jigbinni o wa l’orun esin is sung by Eshu: Jigbinni o = symbol of victory; wa l’orun esin = it’s on the horses neck. (Epega & Niemark, p. 111-112)

To be a winner, feed the spirit of success.

5. Tarot — Arcanum IX, The Hermit (Virgo)

The Hermit says, “…the time is ripe” don’t avoid the issue…”
(Fiebig, Burger, p. 41-42)

lantern lights the way
six pointed star - solomon seal

Ritual Makes Sacred: Meditate
…On the “Six pointed star – [it] points downward bringing spirit energies to earth, upward sending spirit energies to heaven…” and the golden light of the Hermit’s lantern.

…On the “Gold light of the lantern: the Hermit’s stave is lit by the golden light of his lantern symbolizing the light and strength of one’s own true spirit…” (Fiebig, Burger, p. 41-42)

Be wise like Obatala and the Hermit, review your life so you can make peace with yourself, sprit, ancestors and all relations.

See the big picture, the large view.

In Ifa Orisha truth, wisdom, knowledge and success are gained from lived experience – in other words, our actions.
Ibi = negative, is forgetting or inaction.
Ire = positive, a fresh start with a blank page, “a clean slate” for your completion lists, or for creating your New Vision.

6. Daily Practice – Ori gbe mi o

In Ifa Orisha tradition we pray: Ori gbe mi o (my ori-head supports/guides me) as we clean Ori with fresh water. This is a practice for recovering clear vision and renewing alignment to our true path of light and destiny.

7. Keep Going

The Hermit’s stave, is a wand, is a spiritual walking stick.
What is your light? Where is your path?
What is your relationship to spirit? Is it working to help you along your way?
Are you doing what you are supposed to do? Are you going where you are supposed to go?

8. Virgo Loves Lists
Erase the boards, clean the slates, Reflect, Evaluate, SOLVE

blackboardcolor+greenboarddry erase board

To see your current situation in a new light, start a new chapter and align yourself with your path of light and destiny, you may need to withdraw, or better yet, envision your walk and work as slow, steady effort as you rely on the light of spirit to be your guide-to show you the way.

9. Go for Solutions that Bring Lasting Results

  1. Make a list of your projects
  2. Shine the golden light of the Hermit’s lantern on each item
  3. Look inward at your choices and actions (or your ambivalence and in-action)
  4. Look outward at worldly obstacles that surrounding your project. Are they real or imagined?
  5. Be very honest with yourself.
  6. What do I need to complete?
  7. What do I need to abandon?
  8. Abandon what you need to abandon. Do it now. 

10. Completion List

  1. Sit at your shrine, light a candle
  2. Envision yourself in a circle of achievement, completion and success
  3. Make a Stave/Walking Stick & a beaded necklace with the word WINNER beaded in it
  4. Make a list for taking actions to get there
  5. List spiritual sources and practices
  6. List material resources (make sure you have more than enough in advance)
  7. List your support team members
  8. Develop a backward timeline with actions step-by-step.
  9. Lean on your Illuminated Walking Stick/Wand
  10. Stay Centered
  11. Follow the Golden Light


Many thanks to these wise Writers and Elders

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