Gail Williams

Praise Oya, Queen of the Winds of Change - digital photocollage, © 2018

Praise Oya, Queen of the winds of change, Number 3

Digital photo collage and 4×6″ color postcard, © 2018, 2022.

Praise Oya postcards available on –



The power of spirit is an infinite River. digital photo collage & text, © 2017

The power of spirit is an infinite River.

Digital photo collage and text, presently viewable on my website. © 2017, 2021


Ma'at's Mirror, Detail 2, digital photograph of original mixed media sculpture, front view © 2017

Ma’at’s Mirror & Protection Shield

Detail of Ma’at’s Mirror & Protection Shield, a mixed media sculpture made in 1997. Front view of shield with mirror, photocopy collage, ostrich plume on gold painted surface,  © 1997, 2022.


Ma'at's House, B&W postcard version, 4x6 inches, © 1984, 1988

Ma’at’s House and Ma’at Mail

Black & white postcard of original artwork, 2 sided, 4 x 6 inches, © 1984, 1988, 2022.
The original version of Ma’at’s House was made in 1984 as a watercolor and collage. The black and white postcard version above was published in 1988. I’ve sold the postcards, given them away; and in recent years used them for sending messages to elected officials.