Art by Gail Williams

Mami Wata Meditation for Creative Fulfillment

The Mami Wata meditation we did in Yeye Teish’s online class Spinning the Moon, early 2021 brought some new ways for me to work with mixed media. The top image is a detail of the full work, below.

© Gail Williams 2021, DETAIL from the Mami Wata Creative Fulfillment Meditation
Watercolor, photocopy transfers, mixed media on Arches watercolor paper, detail is approx. 3″ X 3″

Praise Oya, Queen of the Winds of Change - digital photocollage, © 2018

Praise Oya, Queen of the Winds of Change

Version 3, Digital photo collage for 4×6″ color postcard, © 2018, 2021_________


optz,v2,shango2007wemimosquareformatwhitebkkgrnd copy__________________

Vessel for Shango

Low-fired Stoneware, hand-coiled. Surface decoration: burnished red terra sigglatta and porcelain slip; © 2002, 2019_________


The power of spirit is an infinite River. digital photo collage & text, © 2017

The power of spirit is an infinite River.

Digital photo collage and text, presently viewable on website. © 2017, 2021


Ma'at's Mirror, Detail 2, digital photograph of original mixed media sculpture, front view © 2017

Ma’at’s Mirror & Protection Shield 

Detail of Ma’at’s Mirror & Protection Shield, a mixed media sculpture made in 1997. Front view of shield with mirror, photocopy collage, ostrich plume on gold painted surface,  © 1997, 2017, 2021.


Ma'at's House, B&W postcard version, 4x6 inches, © 1984, 1988

Ma’at Mail Messages for Members of Congress

Black & white Postcards 2 sided, 4 x 6 inches, © 1984, 1988, 2021. The original version of Ma’at’s House was made in 1984. This is a Black and White postcard of the image published in 1988. Perfect for sending messages to MOC’s in 2017.__________________________

Ma'at Mail 2, Dear Speaker Ryan, Back of B&W Ma'at postcard, 4x6 inches, © 2017
Postcard 2, Dear Speaker Ryan…© 2017