Ritual for the Waters 2014

Oshun on her shrine at the 2014 Waters Ritual: Moisture the Water Cycle Continues

MOISTURE, The Water Cycle Continues

March 23, 2014 at La Pena Cultural Center, Berkeley, California

The shrine was built by Iya Oshogbo and assistants Nakisha Rice, El Adams, Mkali Hashiki, Jazz and others.

shrine view with Goddess Waters Vessel Oshun , her fan and pumpkin detail, pumpkin
Photographs by El Adams. Left to right: Oshun Ibukole seated on her Shrine for the Waters; Oshun’s Waters of the World Clay Vessel; Oshun’ Pumpkin; Pumpkin-detail.



flyer for MOISTURE:The Water Cycle ContinuesMOISTURE
Digital poster design by Gail Williams, © 2014
Photograph of Oshun River in Oshogbo, Nigeria by Susheel Bibbs
Photocollage of Iya Oshogbo and Butterflies by Gail Williams