Luisah Teish
Yeye Teish –

The Black Oshun, mixed media © 2014

The Black Oshun

Mixed media on found cloth, acrylic paint, pumpkin seeds, earring, 10 X 13 inches, © Luisah Teish 2014, 2022


Oshun Ibukole

Mixed media and collage: cloth, acrylic paint, markers, pencils, glitter pens, pennies, buttons, coffee beans on canvas. © Luisah Teish 2012, 2022.


Osun, Obatala, Sango and the Rain of Cowries

A combined image/photoshop collage made with art by Luisah Teish & Gail Williams adapted for CALABASH OF COWRIES. Oshun (left) is made from two details from Yeye Teish’s Osun Ibukole mixed media piece rendered in black and white. Obatala, Sango, Chameleon, the cowries, Esu and the divining tray, and Ibukole’s Odidere feather crown made by Gail Williams from scans, photos, drawings and photoshop tricks. Dual © 2022.