SEA Shellebration 2013

Poster for2013 SEAShellebration

Honoring Olokun, Orisha of the Deep

December 14, 2013
Sofia University

Palo Alto, CA
7 – 10 pm

Celebrate the mystery and history of the great ocean that surrounds our planet and informs our dreams. Enter the castle of Olokun, where you will become liquid bodies dancing with mermaids to the rhythms of the tides. The songs of the sirens will lull you to sleep, to dream through the winter.

Engage in multicultural, multimedia ritual blending scientific fact with wild stories told with music, myth, song and dance from the the cultures of Africa, Brazil, Cuba and the Americas.

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“D E E P SEAshellebration” digital poster design by Gail Williams © 2013. Sea turtle image from google open source: