Iya Oshun Oshogbo and butterflies

Mojuba fe fe iku

Ise Falona Iya Osun Iya Osogbo, Ore Yeye o!

portrait of Iya Oshogbo from 2011

September 22, 2018

Our beloved Elder Ishe Falona Iya Oshun Iya Oshogbo also known as Uzuri Amini passed away last week. We are grieving and doing what we do for her transition to Orun. If you can offer some $help, we will appreciate it greatly—send us a message through the Contact page link. 

Top: Iya Oshogbo 2006
Left: Iya Oshogbo 2011
Below: Iya Oshogbo and Yeye Teish sometime in the 1980’s.


Yeye Teish and Iya Oshogbo in the 1980's