Join Yeye Teish on  Shift Network – November 7 —10, free of Charge


The Elegant Elder: Aging with Wisdom, Style and Grace

Yeye Teish will share stories from African and American culture and her personal life, and give new definition to the “second childhood’ or third act of life.
TeishPortrait_optz200x200pxShe will discuss the importance of maintaining good health, fulfilling creative urges, life-long learning, and creating a legacy for the coming generations.
• Listeners will hear tales from the African and African-American wisdom traditions.
• Recommendations for exploring and enjoying your creative urgings to write, draw, sing, dance, and relate to the natural world.
• Receive suggestions for a spiritual self-health program.
RSVP—The Elegant Elder— Use this LINK https://shiftnetwork.isrefer.com/go/tta17luisah/luisah/

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Spirit Revealing, Color Healing


by Luisah Teish

Enjoy the healing power of art.
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