MOON News — Full Moon in Aquarius August 10, 2014

4__optzAquariusfullMoon2014by Iya Shangobemi

“Full Moon Aquarius on August 10 – a “Super Moon” allows us to get a sense of what the future has in store. Brings brilliant and inspiring ideas, inventiveness and compassion for others… Take a breath and become more clear…” (Michelle Knight)

“The Full Moon in Aquarius “…brings a boost of creativity for everyone…”
(Susan Leavitt)

This is the second of three Super moons. “…when the Full Moon is at perigee, closest to the Earth. But with Saturn square to this Full Moon, what is called for is “…a combination of playfulness, innovation, freedom, discipline and restraint.” (Cathy Coleman)

“…this moon sits gently in the house of Aquarius.”
“…This will be the only full moon in Aquarius this year so embrace and breathe.
“…full moons are about endings, closing chapters in one’s life, and the final end.
“…though it could be difficult, a change is needed for the better… Everything becomes brittle and more influential under the light of the Full Moon – lust and self-worth can become quite inflated, and there is more awareness and focus on relationships.
“…For bringing something new into your life, plant herbs.
“…Sun still in Leo, Moon enters Aquarius …both of these signs are in the areas of being artistic and speaking from the heart…”
“Make a choice between what is more significant, personal desire or what is good for the soul and spirit…seek the company of friends who do not criticize.” (Maharani Rutan)

The Moon in Aquarius can cause emotional detachment, be impartial, but aware of other’s feelings. Objectivity can be good, harsh judgments—not.


If you offend

ask for forgiveness.

If offended forgive.

A person is judged

by the work

of their hands.


African Proverb
(Iya Olosuga Bisi Ade,

The energies of Aquarius are “…at their most mature now. We will be feeling a deep appreciation for diversity. [There is] A strong sense that our differences are what make us strong. Like fine chocolate with suitably complex notes of flavor, rather than simply ‘sweet.’ …Things that may be thought of as different, unusual or even weird become interesting and inspiring; this a good time for explorations being more adventurous.” (

Lammas and the Full Moon Aquarius Begin the Harvest — Practice Festivity & Triumph

In the ancient Celtic calendar seasons changed on the Cross-quarter days midpoints between Solstices and Equinoxes—The celebration of Lammas announced the seasons change from Summer to Fall.

masks many

Make it Sacred—Ritualize

“August 7, is the ‘true Lammas’ or “… the summer version of Halloween. Cross quarters are the best times to invite blessing into the world…

“The degrees of Full Moon on Monday are 18+ Aquarius and 18 Leo. 18+ Aquarius Sabian symbol:

“Weary fire responders finally succeed in putting out a dangerous, volatile fire…


“So it’s “Bonfire or Arson, take your pick…Better to: “…Invite blessings into the world’ ——engage in ritual…let ritual contain conflagration.

“The very next degree (right after Full Moon) Sabian symbol:

“A white dove descends bearing a message of peace”
(Caroline Casey)



August Full Moon Names

barley stalks  growing in a field

“Some called it the Green corn Moon or the Grain Moon…known as the Lightning Moon by some, by others it is the Barley Moon…” (

lightning over water

It was called the Sturgeon Moon by Indigenous peoples of the Great Lakes region because Sturgeon fishing is most plentiful at this time of year. Similar to catfish, Sturgeon are very ancient and can grow very large. With this ability, for many millenia, they were an important food source.

Sturgeon fish in lake

Recently Sturgeon, like all water beings have been seriously endangered by pollution and over fishing. Fortunately there are some efforts are being made to clean the Great Lakes waters so they may thrive again. Yay!

Full Moon & Aquarius Checklist

1. Envision & Consider
Finding your individual place within the group.
What is your unique contribution?
What are your individual powers and strengths?
What are your responsibilities?

2. Ask Yourself Questions
What am I in charge of?
What’s fun about it?
How do I really feel?
What are my sources of inspiration, guidance and support?
Who are my relations/family/support team in that work?
What innovative, creative solutions-think outside the box, the galaxy—are needed to move forward?
What are the Ancestors saying about it, the Orishas, the Elders?
What thoughts, beliefs and behaviors hinder or advance my progress?
What is being illuminated?
What’s working, what isn’t?
What does working smart mean to me? What does it look like? Review techniques and methods,of working. Are there more effective, or efficient ones?

3. Celebrate your gifts, be true to yourself.


I am not an Astrologer, I like learning how to think about the energies and symbolic imagery of the galaxy. Many thanks to my research sources—the learned astrologers and writers listed below for sharing their knowledge and wisdom.

Iya Olosuga Bisi Ade,

Caroline Casey, Visionary Activist Radio-KPFA,

Cathy Coleman.,

Michelle Knight,

Susan Leavitt,

Maharani Rutan,