MOON News — New Moon Leo July 26, 2014

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Isis with her wings spreadin Review — Full Moon in Capricorn July 12, 2014 (Sun in Cancer)
“…a time of completion and looking at those areas of life where we need to ‘let go’ ” (

We’ve processed the July 12 Full Moon Yeye Teish described a few weeks ago which illuminated “…Capricorn and Cancer polarities, …conflicts between roots and our direction…” We’ve examined attachments, achievements, values and responsibilities; and balance or lack of, in our commitments between public and home… (Chief Luisah Teish, unpublished correspondence, July 11, 2014)

The New MOON in Leo July 26, 2014
Now the New Moon and the Planets are making available renewed energy and inspiration for making decisions and moving forward with creative, courageous visions.

The New Moon is on Leo, degree 4, conjunct with Jupiter on Leo, degree 3.
Lynda Hill, astrologer uses Sabian symbols to help explain what is going on. I also like the Sabian symbols—the images are very useful, but usually I prefer Dane Rudhyar’s versions from The Astrology of Personality. My research for this piece included their work, as well as other astrologers. I selected aspects of the New Moon “story of now” (Casey) that spoke to me personally. My hope is that this work will be useful to you.

Lynda Hill points out that Venus and Pluto are tightly opposing each other. This situation “…heralds a strong sense of change…” Important decisions re relationships, money, investments, debt, loyalties, friendships, desires, etc.” will arise.

“This could be a New Moon of power struggles, or “… a time for us to discover how powerful we really are.” (Hill)

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon, Leo 4
3a_MooseOPTZ“Elderly man gazes at a moose head on clubroom wall.
Self-development through the culture of masculine activities. Subservience of individual to social patterns of behavior. Taste.” (Rudhyar, p. 285)

Rudhyar’s book was first published in 1936. For me, for many of us, the idea of hunting and killing wild animals, and hanging their heads on the wall as a trophy or symbol of accomplishment is not a positive act. But the energies of symbolism live, and embody the circular continuum of positive and negative. We can study the ashe (powers of one’s being) and character of the Moose, whose power the man thinks he has acquired.

In the Animal Medicine Cards, Moose is an animal who represents the ashe of self-esteem. Moose is a proud animal, has a loud bellowing voice, is the largest and strongest of the antlered beings. King Moose knows “there is no greater joy than a job well done.” (Sams, Carson, p. 81) Moose take pride in their living, their ashe. King Moose knows he is worthy and tells the world.

New Moon 4 degrees Leo is suggesting that we look at our issues around self-esteem, the masculine qualities of our character and worldly activities; our sense of self in relation to what we do and whether we are successful at it. It’s time to make sure that our trophies—our accomplishments—are authentic, caring and life affirming, honor all relations and most importantly, are actually fulfilling our own true destinies.

So now for Jupiter, Leo 3
The Sabian symbol is: “Mature woman, her hair bobbed, looks into a mirror.
Sense of freedom from age and realization of the value of youth. Self-creation and independence from fate. Will-power.” (Rudhyar, p. 285)

Bobbed, or short hair in Rudhyar’s time was (for some classes of people) a symbol of the modern woman, working outside of home, autonomous, independent, free of traditional subservient roles.

Things are distorted in different ways now: we live in a youth worshipping (youth addicted) culture, that can be empty and valueless, but there is also a lot to be said for looking your best, no matter what your age.

This is not about creating disguises, cosmetic (superficial) changes, creating false fronts or trying to be someone you are not. This is about—“meaningful alterations” (Hill).

Making changes in your physical being, your outer appearance, especially re head and hair (Ori and Ade (crown)) can better reflect your inner being, your true intelligence and power. It’s time for your aspirations, your knowledge, wisdom, skills and abilities to shine through.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 2.20.15 AM3a_greenTaraOPTZ
Look in the mirror. Create the vision you wish to see: What are the persona and values you wish to radiate through the power of your appearance?

Praises for Green Tara, Iba’she Oshun Yeye o.
Make meaningful change.
Expend effort to become Radiant, You are the Jewel in the Lotus.

Uranus is going retrograde, Saturn is going direct
“…stop, go, stop, go…” may manifest as feeling or reality, “…innovative ideas are needed…” (Hill)

Saturn on Scorpio 17
“Woman Fecundated by Her Own Spirit, is ‘Great With Child’
Fullness of self-reliance and individual destiny. Cooperation between spiritual and material agencies. Pure self-revelation.” (Rudhyar, p. 293)

Spiraling in, spiraling out, growing, slowly and carefully, what is being created needs to come to term before it can be birthed.

Praise Nature, Great Goddess ISIS Is is Is is the Great Mystery, women’s autonomous power, everything.

Recognize, Respect, Nurture this relationship. Depend on Her. Praise Her…
Then, rest.

Neptune Retrogrades to Pisces 7
“Illuminated by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by sea and mist. Reconnect with your true spiritual values.” (Hill)

“Fog Rides The Shore, But On A Clear Rock A Cross Rests.
Concentration of values amidst the chaos of outer living. Clear light of high realization. Acceptance of life’s limits.” (Rudhyar p. 302)

ocean,mist,rocks1Take a walking meditation at the Ocean
in the fog,
Breathe deeply.

3 pennies for Eshu Yangi,
Praise Oriki,
Gratitude Orin
for Yemaya and Olokun.

Pluto, Capricorn 12
“A student of nature lecturing, revealing little known aspects of life.

“This is a very meaningful degree and one that can have many wonders and amazing things revealed. For many, there will be realisations about the nature of reality, how we live in a rather holographic universe, etc. Expect and seek revelations in the mysteries of nature.“(Hill)

Moon’s North Node, Libra 23
“XIV The Span of Revelation
Chanticleer Salutes the Rising Sun With Exuberant Tones
Capacity for self-refreshment at the inner sources of ever-reviewed life. Anticipation of opportunity. Security in Self.” (Rudhyar, p. 291)

Exercise and celebrate the beauty and power of your authentic voice.
Speak up when it’s needed.
Don’t overstate your talents or abilities.
Recognize the wake-up calls.
Practice sound respect—don’t be noisy when others are trying to sleep.

Quest Degree (occurs right after) New Moon, Leo 5
“Rock formations towering over a deep canyon.

3a_RockFormationsOPTZ“We may be pushed into jumping into the void, taking a big step, big risk, or figure out where we may have painted ourselves into a corner.
“Keywords: Old structures and deep hazards.” (Hill)

“Suggesting Figures, Granite Masses Overhanging A Canyon
Permanence of basic elements of nature underneath temporary changes and emphases. Endurance. Steadiness of self-knowledge.” (Rudhyar, p. 285)

The images suggest ancestors watching over us and the Tarot Fool card—Arcanum 0/22. The Fool is known for taking big chances, walking close to the edge, risking the big jump, free fall.

The Fool tarot card, antique imageThe Fool is a heart-centered being, that’s a good thing. But Natural Law is so much greater, the Ancestors, so much wiser. Ultimately all is mystery and unknowable. Eshu is also an enforcer. Nature doesn’t play. Breaking old structures can be hazardous, watch your step…

Take care about what you speak, what you do. Remember ofo ashe-power of the word, iwa pele good (gentle) character-right action. Self-knowledge comes with experience and support. When in doubt, ask the Elders, consult the Oracle—they have the keys to the doorways of right choices, true path.

Don’t be fool-led. Trickster is Serious fun.
Esu ma semi o—Esu, please don’t trick me.
Esu ma semi o—Esu, please don’t trick me.
Esu ma semi o—Esu, please don’t trick me.

Right after New MOON Mars moves to Scorpio 2
“From A Broken Bottle Traces of Perfume Still Emanate
The fine scent of deeds well done as it persists in the memory of men. Stimulating recollection. Spiritual immortality.” (Rudhyar, p. 292)

Release energies carefully.
If the bottle breaks and spills the perfume,
You are still the Jewel in the Lotus.
The New MOON in Leo, July 2014
Is a call to think deeply and act accordingly on what you should be making noise about, and when and where to make it; as well as what to be low-key about, what to keep quiet. It is an opportunity to acknowledge your true accomplishments, and the truth of your relationships. Celebrate achievements among the members of your private or public relationships consciously, respectfully.

Renewal is based in journeying and connection to deep source, and returning with energy for inspiration, confidence and direction. Authentic self-confidence comes with knowing you did the real work, and therefore will receive your just, deserved reward.

Like a game, like a joke.

by Iya Shangobemi (Gail Williams) © 2014

I am not an Astrologer, I like learning how to think about the energies, and symbolic imagery of the galaxy. Many thanks to my research sources—the learned astrologers and writers listed below for sharing their knowledge and wisdom.

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