MOON NEWS — New Moon Leo, 2014, Mars in Scorpio

crescent moon waxingCALENDAR OF EVENTS
July 20Saturn ends 4 month retrograde

July 21Uranus goes retrograde
July 22Sun enters Leo
July 24Jupiter connects to the Sun

Let the fire sign of Leo light up your life. Put your creative expression at center stage.

The Sun and Moon are conjunct Jupiter at 2 degrees Leo, and square Mars at zero/O degrees Scorpio. (

New Moon Leo chapter 3, Mars enters the sign of Scorpio after 8 months in LibraJuly 25Mars enters its ancient ruling sign Scorpio in the Dark of the Moon.

Don’t allow the fiery energies of Mars and Leo to clash or get out of control.

“Mars in Libra wants to control, but struggles to decide a course of action…Mars is at home in Scorpio… get of the fence and advance (Mars) towards a goal (Saturn).” (

Utilize the Mars and the Dark Moon energies to do some preparatory work:
“…Take stock of how you express and how you want to express yourself creatively…
“…power up, get on task, move some projects forward…
“…purge nonessential projects and practices…(Coleman)

Ask, Reflect, Plan, Act
What is your goal?
Is it within reach?
Or (at least) visible in the distance?
If it’s not visible, envision it.

“…forge deep connections with your allies, for tactical (Mars) reasons of mutual empowerment (Saturn).” (

July 26New Moon 4 degrees Leo

Begin your process of moving forward—the time has come!

“Dance and sing “…paint your world with color and courage as you move with the offerings of the gods…”(Coleman)

© 2014 Gail Williams/Iya Shangobemi

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Many thanks to these wise women for the knowledge, wisdom and inspiration that helped me create this piece. Check out their websites for further illuminations:

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