MOON NEWSnew Moon Cancer, 2014

crescent moon image“The Sabian symbol for the Sun and the Moon at 6 degrees Cancer is: 

Innumerable birds are busy
feathering their nests.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 1.14.07 AM
This is an image of an instinctual response to the presence of new life. We need to feel competent and emotionally secure before we can venture out into a new life.

What have you built that assures you of that security?
If you don’t find that source within yourself, you’ll never find it without. 
We are preparing for a rebirth of ourselves and our culture and we need to prepare ourselves.
Where do you want to flourish? 
What are you called to do?”
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Excerpt from 
The Cosmic Story—Cancer: Archetype, Awareness, Astrology, Cosmic Evolution
by Cathy Lynn Pagano
OpEdNews—link to article

Crescent Moon, Birds flying, African Weaver Bird from google Images
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