Rainmakers 9


Rain Makers 9 — post number 6
August 27, 2016

Good people:
Thank you for continuing to do this important work.

By this time you have identified your community members who are committed to this work. And you have intuited the ways that you can work together.

Calling loudly
We must sound out loudly the changes that need to occur in our world. Now is the time to create meetings to discuss local issues, attend national conferences, and connect with activists globally. Use music as a vehicle for connection and speech to guide action. Gather your people and begin the meeting with a group improvisation using small instruments, songs and chants.

The Cleansing
Please continue to direct the waters westward. California and other dry places need the moisture. People who live in areas where there has been flooding, heavy rain, and hurricane threat are in a position to connect strongly and re-direct the waters. This may help to alleviate the crisis in those places.

General Practice
Choose a large jar. A glass condiment jar, water jug, or coffee pot will suffice. Fill it with rainwater (catch some before it becomes illegal to do so in your state), well water, spring water, or ocean water. As you identify issues that need to be cleansed, please write them down on a piece of white paper and drop that in the jar of water. As you do this ask that the disease (fear, hatred) be healed, that action (violence) be stopped, that the effect be neutralized (anger, depression).

Put a cover on the jar (a lid or a saucer) and place a small white votive or tea light candle on top of it. Sit before this jar and visualize the issue being washed, dissolving in the water, contained and controlled by the boundaries of the jar, and visible for all to see. Do this for 9 days (until 9/25), at 9 o’clock am or pm in your time zone), with 9 people. Work the 9 energy as best you can.

Its time for the media to tell the whole truth, to let the people see and hear what is really going on in our world.

Follow the guidance of your deities, your ancestors, and your elders.

It won’t be long.
It’s not far away.
We shall see the Power of Water.

Yeye Luisah Teish
Iyanifa Oshun Miwa Fajembola Fatunmise