Moon Ritual Recommendations, September 2016


Yeye’s Ritual Recommendations

Virgo New Moon/Solar Eclipse
September 1, 2016

Alafia good people:
We have a lot going on at this time of change.
Mercury the planet of communications is going retrograde. 
The best use of this energy is to RE up:
Review your goals and dreams.
Rewrite your proposal, budgets, letters, and manuscripts.
Recycle you plastic, paper, bottle, and cans.
Return to those healthy body and meditation practices that worked in the past but may have slipped away from you.

crescent moon waxingThe Moon is New in Virgo.
The best use of this energy is to Re-evaluate where you are, accept the value in it and then analyze the options before you.
Because it is an eclipse ask that the hidden aspects come into the light for full reexamination.
Resist the tendency to dream yourself into an old illusion. Prepare for great things to come soon but don’t sign any new contracts just yet.

Do some mirror work.
Sit down at your altar with a candle, a glass of water, and a mirror.
Light the candle and see its reflection in the water.
Close your eyes and take 9 slow deep breathes.

As you inhale reach into the darkness to contact the source of insecurities, as you exhale release that energy so that it may float away from you.
Perhaps you will:
Release hidden dangers.
Release past sorrows.
Release scarcity.
Release loneliness.
Release illness.
Release pain.
Release anger.
Release any thing that may have been hidden and needs be released.
Now open your eyes, look at the candlelight reflecting in the water.
Then look in the mirror.

As you look in the mirror see:
The safety in your surroundings.
See the joy you presently have.
See the abundance that is around you.
See the health of your mind, body and spirit.
See the pleasure that you experience in small things.
Consider the power, beauty and blessings that you presently have.
Then set the mirror behind the glass of water so the reflective side catches the light from the candle.
Sit quietly looking into the light.
Allow yourself to feel the potential for a new beginning.
Write down any ideas that come to you.

Depending on what you see you can burn some attraction incense, use the water from the gazing glass to refresh your face and/or talk with Jupiter (Obatala) and Venus (Oshun) asking that they bless you with dreams come true.

This can be done right through the week until Sept 5th to good results.

Thank you for your work in this world.
Yeye Luisah Teish
Oshun Miwa
Iyanifa Fajembola Fatunmise