Rainmakers 9

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OWONRIN ODI, Rituals to End Police Violence
July 7 – September 3, 2016

post number 4 — A Message from Yeye Teish

August 13, 2016

Alafia good people:
I’m sending great gratitude to those who have been performing this ritual, and welcoming those who are new to this work.

Those of you who belong to Ile’s, temples, churches, and circles should follow the guidance of your elders. Each tradition will have ways of manifesting this work. Everyone who wants a peaceful existence may do this work.

Please perform the ritual at 9 (pm/am) in your time zone wherever you are on the planet. Gather your family/community members together. Breathe, pour libations, pray, ask for protection and assistance.

This ritual is set for Saturday, August 13, but you can do it any day at 9 am or 9pm wherever you are.

On August 18 we will have a lunar eclipse of the full moon in Aquarius. During an eclipse “what goes on in the dark comes out into the light”. I will post my ritual recommendations for that in a few days.

In our present work with sound and rain let us prepare for future results by using the power we now have.

The Altar
If you have Eshu/Elegba/Elleggua or other “reality transformer” deity, please do this in the presence of that deity. You may bring together three stones that are naturally colored red, black, and white, you can use gemstones (jasper, agate, onyx, etc.) or you can paint them for continual use. Place these three rocks in a pile to serve as your focus. Or you may do this in the crossroads of the streets, at the entrance to the forest/park, or at the front door of your home or community center.

Make a loud noise:
You can blow a horn, beat a pan, pound a drum, shout, stomp, and clap. Make a loud sound and let it vibrate throughout the world.

Let that noise be made to call out the hidden influences that are at the root of this violence. As you blow your horns and bang on your pots ask that the “hidden agendas” be exposed; decry the criminal policies and police privileges of quota and pay off; let the “family secrets” that drive us apart come into the light.

Let the water flow:
Lift your faces to the sky.

We must pray. We must set an intention to change. Pray, project that prayer into the clouds above, and send it into the atmosphere.

We have been calling for rain and have gotten floods in some places. It is very important now that we ask the Water Spirits to rain down “cleansing of the stains” of fear, guilt, and shame.

As the floodwaters run down the streets ask that they open clogged arteries in our hearts,
flush out fear and hatred, and rush in streams of connection between us.

Set a clear intention to be the change. Ask for guidance on the actions you must take. THEN TAKE THAT ACTION NO MATTER HOW SMALL.

I will continue to post until September 3rd. Please keep me informed of your progress.

Yeye Luisah Teish
Iyanifa Oshun Miwa
Fajembola Fatunmise