Moon Ritual

Yeye’s Moon Ritual Recommendation

New MOON in Leo, Tuesday August 2, 2016

crescent moon waxing

Alafia Study Group Members:
As agreed I will continue to make ritual recommendations for the New and Full Moons of the summer.

Continuing Students
You will receive my responses to your homework assignments during the months of August and September.

New Students
There will be a free introductory class to connect you with the preparatory work.

In the Fall we will concentrate on establishing a working relationship with our ancestors and preparing for the Festival of the Bones. Registration for the Fall class will be posted soon.

Leo New Moon

The New Moon at 10 degrees Leo takes place on Tuesday, August 2nd at 3:45 PM CST and last until August 4th.

“When the moon is new, the two lights in the sky, the sun and moon, are aligned in the same Zodiac sign. For this reason, it is a time charged with great energy that can lead to new and exciting possibilities in our lives.

We can prepare for the New Moon by making sure we are clear about our intentions, because it is a special time when new beginnings can occur. We are ready to plant new seeds and start something that has the potential to grow and fulfill us.”

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This website will help you find the Leo House in your chart to identify the influence this moon has in your personal life.

The New Moon is a time to burn attraction incense and candles, to anoint your third eye, and to call new influences into your life. These ritual recommendations are good for seven days.

This New Moon in Leo supports us in asking for courage to create a more beautiful life. It is especially favorable to ask for:

Having a good heart.

Attracting good-hearted people.

Developing the Courage to confront fears.

Securing the support of courageous people.

Victory over challenges.

The ability to the speak truth.

Attain your heart’s desire.

Enliven romantic relationships.

Grow your creative urges.

Assess your resources.

Accept a position of leadership.

Attend theater performances, and write scripts.

Celebrate your accomplishments.

Support the growth of children.

My Standard New Moon Ritual

My standard New Moon ritual is Money Pouring. The Pouring Money Ritual can be found on page 35-36 of my book Jambalaya: the Natural Woman’s Book of Personal Charms and Practical Rituals.

If your village chooses to do the pouring money ritual and you experience increased prosperity please consider making a donation on my Facebook page.

I have several boxes of school clothes that I have promised to a particular group of children in Ghana and I need help with the shipping.

Thanks for all that you do.

Yeye Teish