Alafia Study Group Members,

moon FULLAs agreed I will make ritual recommendations for the Full and New Moons of the summer. Please expect my responses to your homework assignments during the month of August.

We are under the influence of the
Full Moon in Capricorn
from Tuesday the 19th exactly at 3:56 PM PDT/10:56 PM GMT and that influence remains until Thursday the 21st. This ritual may be done during these days.

“This Full Moon has three strong aspect patterns energizing the day, and the week, with potential. Uranus squares the Full Moon, calling us to change, or rebalance, the home and work aspects of our lives, especially if they are out of balance. Yet another major aspect pattern in this Full Moon is the Saturn-Jupiter/North Node-Neptune T-square—an aspect with a lot of tension and pressure, especially having to do with ideals and beliefs. “ (Cathy Coleman)

Full Moon Burden Burning
My standard Full Moon practice is that of “burden burning”.
Indeed we are under intense pressure. There has been violence in the streets, economic hardships, and we live in fear of an ugly patriarchal force overtaking our lives. We can dissipate some of the effects by doing the following:

Cut a brown paper bag into squares. Cut as many as you need. An old used bag is best.
Use a black ink pen to write with.
Sit quietly in a dark room with a glass of water and candle.
Light the candle and look into the flame, then look into the water.
Continue to do this during the writing process.

Write down the things that have burdened you in your life, especially those that re-surfaced recently. You may want to write several paragraphs detailing the burdens or you may simply make a list. The important thing is to let the feelings come up. You may cry, curse, and scream. Do whatever presents itself.

Under this Moon be sure to address the following:
Past unrecognized emotions.
Regrettable mistakes in relationships and career choices.
Incidences of powerlessness due to outside influences.
Self-created obstacles.
Bad judgment lost of focus and discipline.
Domestic unrest.
Wounds caused by the father.

The Burning
Then roll those papers in the direction away from you, Or tear it into small pieces.
Put the paper in a metal container (used food cans).
Sprinkle the papers with alcohol, or Florida water.
Go outside, burn the paper under the Full Moon.
Let the smoke rise up to the Moon as you release your burdens. If you need to cry, do so.

Invoking the Moon
Look up at the Moon and say:

“Moon give me your face.
Take my face and give me yours.
Take my face my ____________face
(Burdened, tired etc. whatever you are releasing)
And give me your shining face.”

Repeat this until you have named everything.

Look at the Moon and draw Her light down onto you face.
Do this until your face shines.

Go inside and wash your face. Return to the candle and glass of water. Look at the candle and then look at the glass until see yourself shine.

Standard Practices
Create a burden basket that you keep on your altar or in a dark corner. Each night you can write down the things that have burdened you and throw them in the basket. This will supply the material for your burden burning at the next Full Moon.

You may also want to develop the habit of setting a bowl of water out to catch the reflection of the Full Moon at night. You can bottle this water, mark it and store it, and use it for water gazing and washing your face.
Continue to release your burdens, lighten up, and prepare to ask for new experiences at the coming New Moon on Aug 2nd.

This ritual is a combination of two practices I learned from Indigenous women. Some Native North American women carry a burden basket on their backs. Our basket takes burdens off your back. Some East African women (Zimbabwe) release their burdens to the Moon, bathe in Moon water, and consult the Moon for healing practices.

I am grateful to those who have taught me.

Yeye Teish