Ebbo L’Ori —Perfecting Alignment of Spirit, Head, Heart and Hands

February 10, 2017 | 5-7 PM Mountain Time


Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 4.19.27 PM This ceremony comes to us from the wisdom of the African diaspora. It is used in West and Central Africa, South America and the Caribbean Islands-and everywhere that Africa’s cultural descendants are found. 

It serves to cleanse the channel between universal, collective and individual consciousness; to connect the mind to the hear; and guide the actions of the hands. Through this ceremony, we support the efficacy of our work in the world. 

Tonight’s ceremony employs water, visualization, movement and song. It can be used any time to refresh the memory of our contract with Creation. It is an “extrovert meditation” that can serve both as part of a high ceremony or performed as a daily practice. 

What you should bring:
You need only a bowl of water and your good intentions. 

Bonus Material:
“Two Practices Elevate Ori (Consciousness)”
Luisah offers two written bonus practices to deepen your experience of the February ceremony. “Cleaning the Three Head Centers” is a preparatory cleansing recommended for before the live ceremony. “Ajala: The Maker of Heads” is a mythological evaluation of the condition of your consciousness following the ceremony.