New MOON in Pisces – March 20, 2015

Yeye Teish asked me to share this ritual with everyone—enjoy!

Ritual for the SuperMoon March 20, 2015

crescent moon waxingMarch 19, 2015
Alafia good people:
Here is my recommended ritual for the Eclipse of the New Moon occurring tomorrow night. To the members of Ile Orunmila Oshun, the Jambalaya Spirit Women, and the Soulwork for Sisters group, I’m sorry that I can’t be with you. Nevertheless you can carry on.
Blessings to all,
Yeye Teish

This new Moon in Pisces occurs on the 20th March. It is a major new Moon, the third Supermoon of the year, and, because of when it falls – smack on the Equinox – and the fact that it is a total solar eclipse, it may just be the biggest new Moon of 2015.

This ritual is done best on March 20 but can be done until the 24th and remain effective. This may be done alone or in a group.

Setting the altar

In creating this altar you can download and print images from the internet, use household items, and do the best you can to fulfill this work. You will also need a small box of matches. Lay a blue (for the Ocean) or green (for the earth) cloth on your altar table. Place a black stone (for the Eclipse) in the center of the cloth. Rub the stone with palm oil, olive oil, or some other blessed oil. Place (for the light) in front of the black stone in the center. Use a nail or other sharp object to carve a white candle in a glass crescent moon shape in the top of the candle. Then sprinkle the moon with a pinch of salt and two pinches of sugar. Place a bowl of perfumed water behind the black stone in the center. You may want to use Florida Water, Bay Rum or your favorite oil. You may also place flower petals in the water (carnations, rose petals, jasmine, gardenia, etc.) Place a basket or bowl of seeds on the altar. These may be wildflower seeds, herb and vegetable seeds, grains or birdseeds. It must be something that will grow when scattered or planted.

Establishing the altar directions and quadrants 

East: The Throne of the Winds of Change: Place an image of the Goddess Oya, the image of a bird, an air object such as a feather, fan, etc.

South: The Throne of the Fires of Transformation: Place an image of Shango, the Lord of Thunder/Fire and His Father Aganju, the Volcano, an image of the phoenix rising, or an object of the fire such as a match, a volcanic rock/ash, a lit charcoal in a burner. Burn your chosen incense in this quadrant of the altar.

West: The Throne of the Nurturing Waters: Place an image of Yemaya, Oshun, or Mami Wata, image of a fish, or an object of the water such as a sea shell, seaweed, a river stone, a piece of driftwood, etc.

North: The Throne of the Stabilizing Forces: Place images of Obatala, the King of the White Cloth (the clouds) and Ogun, the Wildman in the Woods. (Material stability), a mountaintop forest beneath the and sky and other objects such as a cotton ball cloud, a piece of tree bark, a crystal, a piece of Iron etc. Place this altar on the verandah or near a window where it will be exposed to the night sky.

The Opening

Sit around the altar under the night sky. Press your feet firmly into the Earth beneath you and straighten your back as you lift your face to the sky. Look at the night sky for a full 60 seconds (or more) and then close your eyes. See the night sky with your eyes closed. The candle in the center is lit with a match by each person who touches the flame with another match as they pronounce their name. Each then touches the black stone in the center.

Invoking the East Because this period sees the end of the Uranus/Pluto Square, many will be breathing a sigh of relief. Let us regard the East by taking nine (9) slow deep breathes, name what you want to release, and let out sighs of relief, thusly: I inhale relief that _____________has changed. I give it over to Oya, and exhale it. Name the influences that must go out of your life now such as betrayal, poverty, loneliness, anger and oppression etc.

Invoking the South During this time the planet Mars will be in Aries (22 degrees). Now we want to invoke for the Divine fire. Light the incense on the charcoal. Play drums, use small percussive instruments to make the sounds of thunder and fire. Ask for physical strength, courage, and the determination to fulfill your ambitions, assert yourself, and to step forward on your destiny path. Dance under the night sky, feel the blood flowing in your veins. Regard your sexual partner and let energy flow between you.

Invoking the West Venus is in Taurus (5 degrees). This is a good time to evaluate relationships, increase the powers of attraction, and delight in beauty. Sit quietly for a moment and allow your body to cool off. Again look up at the night sky and remember that the moon affects the tides. Contact the waters of the womb you were born in, the water in your body. Now pass the bowl of perfumed water to each person in the circle. Place your left hand in the water and swirl the water around seven (7) times asking for the blessing and compassion of the Mothers. Now pass the water from the center of your forehead (Iwaju/Third Eye) over the top of your head (Ori/Crown chakra) and down the back of your neck (Eshu ni Apako, brain stem). As you do this cleansing you may say “Ori mi gba mio” (My head supports me, my head is blessed etc.) Here you ask the Creative Force to guide you in asking for the right things for your life.

Invoking the North Jupiter is in Leo (14 degrees). This is a time of deep realizations that can transform your life. Listen to your inner voice, heed the messages of your (now cleansed) head and use your (now empowered fire) strength to bring the visions into manifestation. Each person gets a handful of seed from the bowl (each may have an individual bowl) and begins to rub the seeds between your hands as you affirm the things or condition you want to manifest. Be specific:

I, _____________child of Earth and Sky do herby declare that as of this moon________ My body is free of all dis-ease especially (name the condition) My mind conceives and fulfills the ideas and projects (name them) I am recognized and justly compensated for my contributions to the world in the form of (provide facts and figures) My relationships are (name the desired feeling/conditions).

Continue to rub the seeds in your hands. You may want to name at least five areas of life.

The Manifestation

The new Moon always represents a time of new beginnings, and possibilities. To insure that we see and manifest the new opportunities that are inherent in this SuperMoon and its aspects, do the following: Look up at the night sky, look down at the earth, and then regard the horizon in front of you. Pick up the white candle and pass it over the black stone as you each say

“ I affirm that my named desires come out of the darkness of potential and into the light of reality in my life now.”

Plant the seeds between March 20-24th. Attend their growth and monitor the relationship between their growth and the quality of your life.

The Closing

You may want to leave this ritual open through March 24, or you may close by simply thanking the deities in each quadrant.

Ritual for the Super Moon March 20, 2015 © Luisah Teish