2nd New MOON in Aquarius – February 18, 2015

crescent moon waxingThe MOON moves from Aquarius 29:59 (degrees:minutes) into watery Pisces completing the Sabian “Span of Perspective” (16-30 Aquarius), entering the Pisces “Span of Innocence.”*

The Sun also moves from Aquarius into Pisces; the Chinese New Year of the “Wood Goat” (aka Sheep or Ram) begins on February 19.

This is the Fifth of Six Consecutive SuperMOONs this year.** Mars and Venus move into Aries this week;
and the approaching final Uranus-Pluto square (due on March 16, see last post) sends us yet another more shock wave on February 15 and 21.

The sign of Aquarius invigorates the Archetype of Shango becoming a great thinker and astronomer.***

Mars can be seen as Ogun or Shango, Aries, too I think. At any rate, here is the energy of Fire balanced by Venus, who is always Oshun. Oshun brings Healing, Cooling, SWEET WATER.

All this to remind us:
There are two states of being: fear and gratitude.****

Sabian Symbols
– 29 degrees Aquarius
“Metamorphosis Completed, A Butterfly Spreads its Wings.
Immortality of the real self. Graduation into a new realm of being. Confident projection of self; lack of self-confidence.”(Rudyhar, p. 302)

The Ire (positive) in this symbol is Self-Confidence and its relationship to completion and manifestation. The energy of positive awareness of self enables continuing, forward evolutionary motion. The Ibi (negative) is lack of self-confidence which is debilitating.

It’s time to discard your doubts and fears Butterfly, if you need help call on Oshun.

– 30 degrees Aquarius
“Moonlit Fields, Once Babylon, are Blooming White.
Soul-refreshing inner poetry of being. Spiritually nurtured sentiment which illumines the heart. Voices from the past.” (Rudyhar, p. 302)

Meditation on courage— How is your heart feeling?
What needs attention-what needs to change?
What are your emotions telling you?
What in your consciousness is shifting?

Meditate and daydream. Contemplate your life experience and the universe from micro- to macrocosm.

Avoid trivial distractions; do not engage with gossip or spite.

Praise and Gratitude for the Wisdom of Ancestors—as always.

Put your attention on your affairs and building your tomorrow.
. . . . . .

The MOON Report
is written by Gail Williams © 2015 (aka Iya Shangobemi)

Many thanks to my Wise Sources
*Dane Rudhyar. The Astrology of Personality, A Re-formulation of Astrological Concepts and Ideals, in Terms of Contemporary Psychology and Philosophy. Garden City, NewYork:Doubleday, Inc. with Shambala Press Berkeley, CA. 1936; 1963; 3rd Edition, 1970.

**Cathy Coleman — http://www.cathycoleman.co/in-the-stars-february-15-22-2015-shining-light-on-the-astrology-of-the-week-new-moon-in-aquarius/

***Iya Olosuga Bisi Ade — http://www.astrorisamoon.com/

****Awo Falokun Fatunmbi, oral instruction, Oakland, California, October, 1999.