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A message from Yeye Teish

I invite you to join with me and the Shift Network in a free online gathering during February 2016.

We will honor Black History Month in a truly unique way. African Americans and allies of every ethnicity are coming together to explore ways of addressing our history of injustice while also celebrating the positive steps being taken to create a society where EVERYONE thrives.

Meet with visionaries, community leaders and cultural change advocates — including LeVar Burton, Dr. Cynthia James, Michael Sam, Nikki Giovanni, Sonya Renee Taylor and many others.

During this powerful month-long gathering, we’ll cherish the unique flavors, traditions and spiritual wisdom that African Americans and others of the African Diaspora contribute to our society through wise leadership, profound artistry, words of truth and inspired actions that transcend what we believe to be possible.

Join us to discover:
• Ways you can become empowered to create change by using your heart, your voice and your connection with Spirit
• Accessible, soul-powered practices you can use in your daily life to support personal and collective healing
• A deeper awareness of the African American experience and the unspoken power dynamics people of color face everyday
• Positive, inspirational stories of individuals making positive shifts (both large and small) despite facing racism
• Self-care, creativity and other restorative practices that can help you sustain inspired action in social justice work
• A fascinating look at the embodied, holistic, spiritual healing traditions of Africa and the African diaspora
• Effective ways to integrate the wisdom that is naturally, organically and authentically within you and your community

Now is the time to ignite a great transformation that reunites our American family, fosters the healing of the past, and forges a more sacred future together.

This extraordinary gathering is not only for African Americans, but for ALL citizens of the world who wish to be blessed, transformed and bear witness to the flowering of real genius and great love from a people who have gleaned profound wisdom in the process of transcending a traumatized history.

Register for this illuminating event and become inspired and empowered to create sustainable changes… in your life, your neighborhood and in our global community.

Yours truly,
Yeye Luisah Teish

Teish’s Presentation:

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