New MOON is 1 degree Aquarius – January 20, 2015
and the Sun enters Aquarius

crescent moon image
In General
Address finances, friendships and business endeavors. The strong energy of this Moon will affect those who are easily led by others, be careful, don’t fall into other peoples traps, or confusions. Hangout with friends and enjoy, but avoid addictive substances and arguments.

Practice humility and be true to yourself, and your own vision.

Listen to your intuition follow your intuition. Listen to your heart follow your heart.

Figure out what you need, what is needed. Allow the help you need to manifest – because now it will. Let situations move in your favor – because now they will.

Offer and receive helping hands for what you need and what is needed. Practice and walk the path of Iwa pele, activate your good character. This is how you will meet the right folks for you to be with and work with.

Mercury the planet of communication is in Aquarius from January 4 through March 12; twice its usual time because on Wednesday, January 21, Mercury goes retrograde until February 11.

Sabian Symbol for the New Aquarius MOON
An old adobe mission in California; the power inherent in all great human works to endure far beyond the worker’s life span.*

Aquarius & New Moon = Engage in Visionary Idealism
This New MOON time is an opportunity to affirm your Largest Dreams and Visions. You can focus on YourSelf; or All humanity or All relations or MOTHER EARTH; or all of the above. Whatever you decide to do in your own life, know that thinking of your connections to all being, thinking globally, cosmically, inclusively is in some way a part of your vision. We are all members of an interconnected web of being: the web of life includes the whole Universe. Aquarius is a sign where positive results around invocations for peace, freedom, justice and plenty for ALL are completely possible.

Visioning will be supported by the conjunct of Uranus with South Node and square Pluto
—it is a time for revolutionary change. YAY! Make sure that you ask for what you really want, or you might be very surprised. Uranus=Oya, the world’s greatest change agent.

“This particular alignment of Uranus, the South Node and Pluto in Aries and Capricorn has not happened in more than 2,600 years. The rarity of this configuration suggests that this year could be one of the most pivotal times in human history.” from Steven Austin, Mountain Astrologer**

1. This Aquarius MOON and Sun allows time for brilliant ideas to be born: January 4 – January 21 and on… (Sun in Aquarius until February 18, then Pisces through March 20—which is the Spring Equinox…)

Review, Revise
2. The retrograde through February 11, allows plenty of time to review, revise, renew…

Run with it…
3. When Mercury goes direct starting February 12 envision ideal action plans through March 12.The Pisces part of this (starting February 18 may be dreamier so relax, float and flow with it.

MOON News by Gail Williams aka Iya Shangobemi © 2015

Notes & Sources
*Sabian Symbol text quoted from Cathy Coleman article cited below.

**Steven Austin quote also from Cathy Coleman-see below. Mountain Astrologer is an online magazine and website—

Cathy Coleman

Iya Olusoga Bisi Ade