Women Who Won’t Be Silent
— A Panel Discussion and Benefit for FREE THE SLAVES.NET

picture of prison bars  Free the Slaves .net LOGO picture of prison bars  Free the Slaves .net LOGO

Thursday, May 1, 2014 at 6 pm
Flamingo Resort & Spa
Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Panel Led by Julia Stege
Panelists: Luisah Teish, Vinca Heart and Cynthia Riggs
These Women Who Won’t Be Silent will share their inspired stories and tips for powerfully impacting the world.

Tickets are $10.00

100% of tickets and donations will go to FREETHESLAVES.NET to help fund a slave camp raid to free children in bondage around the world.

An important message from Teish

Alafia good people,
I am one of the presenters for this conference. I will be speaking on the need to abolish slavery in all its forms, and inviting people to join me by claiming a seat in the Freedom Train on the Overground Railroad. I will speak more about the Railroad and its aspirations.
Please spread this message among your family and community members. I’d love to see you there. If you can’t come you can donate, if you can’t donate you can send messages and the energy of Liberation to our enslaved kindred all over the world.
The idea that anyone can be someone’s slave is an idea that must be wiped out of human consciousness.
Thank you for your support,
Luisah Teish

More Info about The Magical Marketing Live and the Conference

About the Panelists
Julia Stege —
The Magical Marketer, Conference and Panel Organizer
Luisah Teish — Artist, long time human-rights activist and ritual performer
Vinca Heart — Member of East Berlin underground in the movement that tore down the Berlin Wall, and creator of the Sacred Sales and Money Codes systems
Cynthia Riggs — The Biz Diva, Women of Size Activist and founder of Making it Big clothing company.
Conference is meeting at
The Flamingo Resort & Spa at 2777 Fourth Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
Phone: (800) 848-8300